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Yvonne Bourne, MKE – Week 1, First Blog

Hello Everybody!
This is my very first Blog. I once attempted to learn about blogging but it just wasn’t my thing. Truth be told, I was intimidated by the process and feared it was far more complicated than it actually turns out to be. So, this first week of MKE is already encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait to play around with WordPress and see what magic I can conjure up. This is going to be Fun, Fun, FUN! (WordPress must be “a Yellow” too!) Lol My week 1 experience in MKE has been both challenging and exhilarating. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to learn this Life-Changing information and I randomly tear up with gratitude to the Source of All That Is for guiding me to the video that Mark had posted with the invitation to check out his 3 videos explaining MKE and the Pay-it-Forward scholarship opportunity. I literally cried when I received the acceptance email as I was overcome with happiness and warm-fuzzies. Although I have a lot going on in my life right now, I’m pretty sure some of the other students have far more challenging situations that they’re dealing with. I’ve chosen to take Marks advice to quit procrastinating and change my life for ever. My intuition is telling me to have FAITH that all will work out as is meant to. I didn’t come across this opportunity by mistake & I’m convinced there’s some Devine intervention vibes going on here. That being said, I’m doing my very best to absorb all of the information that was given this first week, and to get organized so I can get in an unstoppable mindset and focus on success. I’ve done more reading & re-reading this week than I’ve done in decades! Everything so far is amazing and yet the volume of information has been somewhat overwhelming & confusing but I think fatigue is playing a roll in that. I work a full time job and three to four nights a week I care for my mother who is very ill. I’m NOT about excuses, just telling it like it is for an accurate picture of where I’m starting. So, in a nutshell, TIME is a little TIGHT for getting in the swing of things. A crazy schedule has definitely been my biggest hurdle. I’m confident that as I explore the members area a little more and get better organized, things will fall into place nicely. I am especially enjoying reading “The Greatest Salesmen in the World”. It’s SO GOOD! I’ve read up to Scroll 1 and re-read it after lunch & before bed. I hope I got that right. I only stated reading the lesson on Wednesday afternoon, after printing out the PDF downloads. I’m also enjoying the 20 minute sit. Anxiety had my mind racing the first couple of days but I’m finding it much more relaxing and easier to be calm now. Well, hopefully this will post correctly and I look forward to learning how to make this Blog amazing with the Digital Solutions webinars on Mondays. For now, it’s time to straighten out the one thing I’ve been having the most trouble with which is my DMP. I watch the DMP video a couple of times but I’m confused about content expectations. Oh well… I’ll figure it out… or get some more help in the members area. Until next time, PEACE!


Published by bourneyvonne

Freelance Artist from Southern California

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