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Yvonne Bourne, MKE Week 3

Hello & welcome once again to my Master Key Experience Blog!

So, this is my third entry to my new blog and although I’m still quite a bit confused about how all of this works, (both MKE and Blogging in general), I’m actually starting to understand more & more every day while conjuring increased confidence with every minute of immersion. It’s all so EXCITING!

I especially loved last Sunday’s (week 3) webinar. It really rekindled my exuberance and drive to “Shut Up, Listen to the Expert Guidance, Trust the Process, and get $#;+ done!” Simultaneously, an unexpected sensation of calmness helped to put my anxiety at ease. For the previous two weeks, my fear of failure had been in overdrive. I had been observing that my ability to stay focused was a huge hurdle, which lead to my emotions flashing all over the place which only compounded the density of the cement. It seems that stubbornly persistent doubts from my“Subby” like to sneak in and jack-up my confidence game. However; after listening to Mark & the lovely ladies of MKE, my take-away from this weeks webinar was a renewed faith in myself. I CAN DO THIS! I AM DOING THIS! I’VE GOT THIS!

I’ve been finding it helpful to play some of the webinar replays and the How-To videos in the background as I’m taking care of my mother, cooking dinner, or even when I’m at work. I figure that I’ll most likely pick up on something that I didn’t quite understand, yet if I still miss something, I know that my “Subby” is listening & catching all of it and storing it my brain. I’m also really loving the 3 X 5 chore cards, etc. I did my first chore within two days of writing it on the card and that was a great feeling. I had promised to clean & organize my desk which I hadn’t been done in so long that I couldn’t even use it anymore. I had turned it into a giant juck-drawer, a make-shift storage shelf of sorts. Anyway, Now it’s squeaky clean, well organized, very functional, and a perfect visual reminder that, in fact; “I GOT THIS!”

Until next time, Ciao4Now!



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Freelance Artist from Southern California

3 thoughts on “Yvonne Bourne, MKE Week 3

  1. Well done Yvonne! Way to put aside the obstacles and dive in. I love the energy and excitement you share in this blog post. I look forward to reading more and following along with your journey


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