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Yvonne Bourne – MKE Blog – Week 4

Hello & welcome to my 4th blogging entry. I’ve been playing around with WordPress & it’s navigation and learning a few tips on how I can improve my blog site. Once I’ve mentally processed everything, I intend to implement some of the cool aspects of the various features and hopefully design a decent website. I must say, I am a bit surprised at how much FUN this is turning out to be! I’m convinced that WordPress & I are going to do beautiful things together. πŸ™‚

I think that my biggest challenge in MKE, up to this point, has been getting organized. I’ve found that although the 3-ring binders are very helpful, for me, scheduling a couple of hours to get all of the paperwork, cards, notes & checklists, etc. in order, is proving to be very necessary. I AM working on it though, and each week seems to make a little more sense than the previous week. The cool thing is that I’m learning to refrain from panicking whenever I start to feel a little overwhelmed. Knowing that there is such a phenomenal support system with this course has definitely helped to ease my angst. Although I was admittedly reluctant to get onboard with the Marco Polo thing, I’ve noticed that I’m learning a great deal from the people in our group, simply by listening in. Consequently, I’m slowly easing my way into participating a little more each week. I don’t recall being this shy when I was younger. I’m guessing that my confidence will build with more interaction so I’ll step it up a notch. I’m really liking the accessibility and wisdom that all the guides offer. And of course, Mark’s enTHOOOOsiasmmmm is absolutely contagious!

I’d like to give another shout out to Davene J. & the Digital Solutions Team for explaining WordPress with so much patience. We all realize that answering the same damn questions a thousand times has got to be frustrating but you guys do it so eloquently and we really appreciate you. I credit one of your DS replays with my big win for the week which was to finally getting a Gravatar set up. Easy-Peasy I know, but when ya start from not knowing diddly-squat, it took a few repeated replays to get it to click in the ‘ol noggin. (Yep… I’m sure I’m going to laugh about that one day.)

All & all, I’m loving MKE and the fact that it’s pushing me to brake out of some less-than-beneficial comfort zones that I didn’t even know I had. Let’s DO THIS!



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3 thoughts on “Yvonne Bourne – MKE Blog – Week 4

  1. Way to keep it up Yvonne! I have to agree I love Mark’s Enthuuuuusiasm! So glad to hear you too are finding calm behind the overwhelm. I share in that victory. Here’s to many more!

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  2. Hey Yvonne, what a comprehensive summary of your experience thus far. I am also amazed at just how collected I am feeling, in spite of all the add-ons we’re getting. My tendency to procrastinate appears to be disappearing day by day, and I owe that to the cards. Well done thus far and keep that momentum building.

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