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Fantastic Blog, Allen. And I love the images as well!


Another week in the world of the Masterkey experience course, and another week of navigating the waters of disruption. My completion of my DMP seems as slippery as an eel, another evening of rehearsal, keeping up with webinars, chores, practice….etc. Although I’m seeing the fruits of my labor with my online business, practices going very well, harmony at home, doing the work, things are falling into place (whew), starting to shake the rust off it really takes a lt of energy and concentration. After I complete the course this time, (yeah I’m finishing all the way) I have of no intentions ofof letting anything atrophy, NO… way. I know great things are just over the horizon so I’m staying steadfast and keeping it moving. Right now I’m in the ring and getting hit with some haymakersbut it’s all part of the journey. I’m thinking on the bright…

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  1. I love commitment. It’s not just about completing the whole course but also the fact that you keep at it. That shows a stoic approach to life. Thank you for your blog it was inspiring to read.


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