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It IS Possible!!!! Week 3

AJ's MKMMA - My Personal Journey

Already I find myself getting on with it. I just start doing things…. getting things done without giving it a second thought. “Do it now!” is finally kicking in it seems. I find myself getting started on things without remembering when I have decided to. My old blueprint required a number of decisions, prompts, reminders beforew anything even gets started.

This is huge for me! I wrote down the chore on the index card, drew a red circle next to it and before I could really think about it, it was done. Man, did I celebrate!!!? It was crazy! I walk around and aoo these red circles jump out at me. There suddenly seems to be red circles everywhere….like there are blue rectangles wherever I look! Logos, street signs, ads… Each time I see these shapes, I remember the chore and I celebrate its completion all over again. It is…

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